Natural Stone City

How was your entire experience while working with Websites Windsor? How did you feel of the value we provided?

Since I have worked in the web development business for a couple years, I had a good idea of what I was looking for. It was very important that Websites Windsor listened carefully to our needs and delivered to our standards.

Did you notice any results from the website updates?

Within a few months after the new SEO (search engine optimization), there was an increase in unique visitors. The emails for free estimates increased and we could notice an impact on our revenue, which grew over the next year. When the time came to do a complete website redesign we decided to stay with Websites Windsor since they delivered on their promise with SEO (search engine optimization). The new design is very beautiful and we are tracking the results to analyze the impact on revenue.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Search Engine Optimization?

At the beginning of the project, Johnny carefully analyzed our old website through Web Analytics, and gave us some great insights. He showed use which web pages were not getting enough traffic and which web pages were getting traffic but no results, as well as how he could improve that through new content.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Responsive Web Design?

One of our requirements for the new site design was that it be responsive. Websites Windsor did a great job of customizing the pages for mobile phones, tablets, as well as regular desktop viewers.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Cross Browser Web Design? Did you appreciate the fact that we tested your website on all browsers?

Google Analytics shows that our website is being viewed by many users on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This made it instrumental that the website would function and look great on all of these platforms. This was a key requirement and Websites Windsor delivered on this by using web standard CSS and HTML 5.0

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Copyrighting (Branding)?

Websites Windsor’ search engine optimization technique relied heavily on taking pictures of some of our completed projects and asking our customers their opinions on our work. They took complete charge of the entire process, which included scheduling in home testimonials which gave our website more credibility.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Web Development?

Within the redevelopment phase we wanted to make the website so it is much easier to update by our staff. Our granite products change regularly, so it was very important that we could update the website as easily as possible. Websites Windsor delivered beyond our expectations.

What were your thoughts on our ongoing service?

Websites Windsor has been great to collaborate with. When we requested changes to be.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Google Analytics?

We have been using Google Analytics since we began our web presence. Web made, it was taken care of within 48 hours which was impressive. Strategies was able to customize our Google Analytics for us so that we can better understand our traffic and to better spend our online advertising.

What are your thoughts of Google AdWords?

We had been using Google AdWords since before Websites Windsor’ involvement and we have been very happy with the results. It is very important for us to be on the first page in Google for all types of searches concerning natural stone. Having tried many advertising avenues including magazines, radio, flyers, and even door hangers, we have found Google Adwords to be the best return on investment.

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“My old website was not very good and it did not help my business much at all. That is why, I was sceptical at the beginning, but once the website started showing great results I became very happy with my new website. From the beginning, Johnny listened to me very well and answered all of my questions. On top of that he gave me great ideas that turned out to really help my business. After a few months, we started coming up on the first page on Google for all types of searches and we started getting more business. Many of our customers have had great comments about our new website. Websites Windsor has provided great value so we have been able to make our money back within the first year and grow our business at the same time. We are very happy."

Talin, Co-owner Armans Jewellers

I had an excellent experience throughout my entire endeavour with Websites Windsor. They listened to my needs carefully and offered great ideas. As a business owner and entrepreneur I am very busy, so it was very helpful that they worked right around my schedule. Above all, they provided tremendous value. I have recommended Websites Windsor to several colleagues and would recommend them to anyone interested in any of their services.

Duane, President 5D Computers

“I decided to put a lot of trust in Websites Windsor because I was not sure what a nice website would look like today. I gave them a very vague idea and emphasized that I wanted it to be simple to use. They returned with a prototype soon after and I liked everything I saw, so I gave them the go ahead. They provided great value for their services, which was also important."

Elio, Owner Andrelio