How was your entire experience while working with Websites Windsor? How did you feel of the value we provided?

I had a great time working with Websites Windsor. I have recommended them to a friend of mine and they were very happy as well. I had a very vague idea of how I wanted to have the new website done, so it was great to have Websites Windsor educate me on all the opportunities available today. I am busy a lot of the time with all sorts of service calls, so it was very important that they worked right around my time schedule. Also, Websites Windsor provided all of their services at a great value!

Did you notice any results from the website updates?

I am noticing a lot more calls coming through, more leads and ultimately more sales. I ask a lot my first time customers how they found out about me, and a large majority of them mention the website.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of getting you on the First Page on Google?

Before I had my website redesigned by Websites Windsor, I had no idea how I would be able to get on the first page of Google. They took time to educate me on search engine optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords at the level of detail that I was comfortable with. Being on the first page really helped my business, especially being there for free!

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Search Engine Optimization?

Websites Windsor managed to get me on the first page of Google through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for many different keywords related directly to my services. I am on the first page of Google for free for a long list of keywords including “telephone systems kitchener“, “telephone systems waterloo”, “newt systems kitchener”, “nortel services guelph” among many others. For further information you are always free to email me directly.

What are your thoughts on Google AdWords?

I decided to try the Google AdWords program as well and to analyze the results. We have started the campaign only 3 months ago and I have already started seeing great results. The key is that they keep track of all of the customers that find us through these campaigns so that we can ensure that we are profitable. We are currently working with Websites Windsor to extend our marketing to the new areas that we have extended our services to.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Responsive Web Design?

My website looks very good on phones and tablets and this was very important to me because these are very popular devices today. I own a Blackberry Z30 and I am very happy that it looks and works perfectly on it. More importantly, Websites Windsor have tested my website on numerous devices to ensure it works effectively.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Cross Browser Web Design?

I always knew that there are different browsers that people use to look on the internet and I wanted to make sure the site worked on all. Websites Windsor took great care of that and also tested to ensure its performance.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Website Architecture (Branding)?

The new layout that Websites Windsor implemented is very easy to use for all customers to find the information they are looking for, which is great because the old site I had was difficult to use. They knew how to set it up this way right from the beginning.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Copyrighting (Branding)?

Life in the telephone systems and network cabling services is very busy and full of unexpected events. It was a tremendous help that Websites Windsor were able to develop all of the copyrighting content once I gave them guidelines. I am very happy with the results.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Web Development?

My knowledge in terms of building websites is very limited so I can only comment on my website’s design, functionality and results. All in all, I am very happy with the work they have provided.

What were your thoughts on our ongoing service?

Since I have started working with Websites Windsor they have been on top of their game. They answer my calls quickly, they have a flexible time schedule and have been a pleasure to work with.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Google Analytics?

I really like the fact that I can keep close attention on everyone that is going to my website and that I can monitor how they find me. I did not know that such a system existed and it was great that Websites Windsor offers it at no cost.

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I had an excellent experience throughout my entire endeavour with Websites Windsor. They listened to my needs carefully and offered great ideas. As a business owner and entrepreneur I am very busy, so it was very helpful that they worked right around my schedule. Above all, they provided tremendous value. I have recommended Websites Windsor to several colleagues and would recommend them to anyone interested in any of their services.

Duane, President 5D Computers

“I liked working with Websites Windsor very much. My English is not very good, but they were able to talk to me so I can understand. They listened to what I needed and showed me how they can make the website do what I wanted. It was very important to me that I can update the website with new cars so they made it very easy for me. Most importantly, they were very good to answer all of my questions whenever I wanted to add new things. If you need a new website, you should call them for sure."

Kasbar, President, SMP Auto

“Working with Websites Windsor was a learning process and very informative. It was exactly what I was looking for so I enjoyed my experience. At the beginning of the process, I was very uncertain of how to build the website, so it was great to have them walk me through the entire process. They allowed me to take part in whichever area I chose to. The whole website was built on their ideas and I really like the end result. I took part in different areas, so we had to meet many times and they worked with my schedule on each occasion. It was a pleasure working with them and they provided great value."

Cosmo, Co-Owner CutWater