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1. How was your entire experience while working with Websites Windsor? How did you feel of the value we provided?

Johnny and his team (Websites Windsor) did a great job building my website. I came to them with a design in mind and they built the website to match it perfectly. I am extremely happy with my website and with the value they provided. Any time I had any questions regarding my website, they listened carefully and provided me with solutions. It is a pleasure working with them.

What are your thoughts on Google AdWords?

Windsor Websites encouraged me to create my own Google Business account, so that it is easier for my clients to find my business through Google Maps. Through this account, I received a $100 Google AdWords credit, so I am now starting to advertise online. I am excited to reach new customers looking for my services online.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Responsive Web Design?

My website looks very nice on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, which makes me very happy. Websites Windsor showed me that approximately half of my website visitors use cell phones. This type of information is available through Google Analytics, which they set up for free.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Cross Browser Web Design?

I use Safari because I own a Mac, but I am aware that most people use Windows as their operating system and therefore use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as their main browser.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Branding?

I already had a Logo and a Design when I first met with Johnny, so they did not have to develop my brand identity. I am very happy with the fact that they developed the website to match every one of my expectations.

What were your thoughts on our ongoing service?

Every time I wish to learn more about anything related to my website or to digital marketing, they are a great source of information. They listen to my needs and then clearly instruct me of my possible options, their benefits and their costs.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Google Analytics?

I really like the fact that I can closely monitor who goes on my website, how much time they spend on it, and what pages they visit. It is a great tool for determining the efficiency of the AdWords Campaign that I am currently starting.

Would you recommend them?

Yes. It is a pleasure working with them. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone who needs a website.

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“I enjoyed taking part in the entire process. Websites Windsor’ approach helped me understand everything I wanted to know about building a website. We collaborated very well in the areas I chose to be involved in by answering all of my questions and educating me throughout. I recommend Websites Windsor to anyone interested in building or redesigning their website."

George, Owner Golf Automotive

I had an excellent experience throughout my entire endeavour with Websites Windsor. They listened to my needs carefully and offered great ideas. As a business owner and entrepreneur I am very busy, so it was very helpful that they worked right around my schedule. Above all, they provided tremendous value. I have recommended Websites Windsor to several colleagues and would recommend them to anyone interested in any of their services.

Duane, President 5D Computers

“Working with Websites Windsor was a learning process and very informative. It was exactly what I was looking for so I enjoyed my experience. At the beginning of the process, I was very uncertain of how to build the website, so it was great to have them walk me through the entire process. They allowed me to take part in whichever area I chose to. The whole website was built on their ideas and I really like the end result. I took part in different areas, so we had to meet many times and they worked with my schedule on each occasion. It was a pleasure working with them and they provided great value."

Cosmo, Co-Owner CutWater