Armans Jewellers

How was your entire experience while working with Websites Windsor? How did you feel of the value we provided?

My old website was not very good and it did not help my business much at all. That is why, I was sceptical at the beginning, but once the website started showing great results I became very happy with my new website. From the beginning, Johnny listened to me very well and answered all of my questions. On top of that he gave me great ideas that turned out to really help my business.

Did you notice any results from the website updates?

After a few months, we started coming up on the first page on Google for all types of searches and we started getting more business. Many of our customers have had great comments about our new website. Websites Windsor has provided great value so we have been able to make our money back within the first year and grow our business at the same time. We are very happy.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Responsive Web Design?

It is very important to have your website look good and work well on phones today. I ask a lot of my customers how they found me and many tell me that they were searching on their phone and we came up.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Cross Browser Web Design?

I wanted my website to look very good on all programs because I use different ones myself. Also, through Google Analytics, it is clear that my website visitors use all types of browsers and it is great that it looks very good on all of them.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Website Architecture (Branding)?

I wanted my website to be very easy to use and Websites Windsor did just that.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Copyrighting (Branding)?

One of the parts that impressed me the most was how Johnny collaborated with me to develop a lot of my web content. My English writing is not very good, so it was great to have him come by the shop and work on it all together. He had some great ideas also.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Web Development?

I know very little about web development, but the important thing is that the website works very well and it got me a lot of new business.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Search Engine Optimization?

Coming up on the first page of Google is very important. Once we got there, we really noticed our business starting to grow. When people in the Kitchener ­Waterloo area search for “Jewellery Repairs”, “Jewellery Kitchener”, “Jewellery Waterloo” and many other words, we come on the first page. Once again, Google Analytics shows us how our customers find us, which is great!

What were your thoughts on our webmaster services? Hosting? Email Management?

Websites Windsor has done a very good job for us in terms of ongoing webmaster services. Whenever we wanted to make any changes, they are very easy to get a hold of and get the work done very quickly. Their hosting service is of great value and they set up our email system so that it is very easy for us to use through Gmail. They are also taking care of my domain name services. In other words they are taking care of everything to do with the website, which makes it easy for me.

What are your thoughts on our delivery in terms of Google Analytics?

We really like that they have installed Google Analytics for us and showed us how to use it, especially since they did it at no charge! It helped us see what parts of the website are very useful and what changes we had to do to make it even better.

What are your thoughts of Google AdWords?

Google AdWords has also had a great impact on our business. We get a lot of customers through it and we calculated that it is profitable for us. The combination of coming up on the first page on Google by search engine optimization and by Google AdWords has been a major part to our success.

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“I liked working with Websites Windsor very much. My English is not very good, but they were able to talk to me so I can understand. They listened to what I needed and showed me how they can make the website do what I wanted. It was very important to me that I can update the website with new cars so they made it very easy for me. Most importantly, they were very good to answer all of my questions whenever I wanted to add new things. If you need a new website, you should call them for sure."

Kasbar, President, SMP Auto

“I decided to put a lot of trust in Websites Windsor because I was not sure what a nice website would look like today. I gave them a very vague idea and emphasized that I wanted it to be simple to use. They returned with a prototype soon after and I liked everything I saw, so I gave them the go ahead. They provided great value for their services, which was also important."

Elio, Owner Andrelio

“I enjoyed taking part in the entire process. Websites Windsor’ approach helped me understand everything I wanted to know about building a website. We collaborated very well in the areas I chose to be involved in by answering all of my questions and educating me throughout. I recommend Websites Windsor to anyone interested in building or redesigning their website."

George, Owner Golf Automotive