Heavy Equipment Operator

Why Hire Us?

Over the last ten years, our organization has grown and expanded to become the leading construction service provider in the region. The company offers services that include clearing of your property or lot, property/lot leveling, tree clearing, as well as creation of new roads in a client’s property/lot. The company researches, analyzes, and determines the heavy equipment necessary to handle your project in a cost-effective manner. Our organizational mission is to help the client to construct and maintain a quality home. Our commitment is to help clients improve their living standards and, in return, help the community embrace modernization through quality design and construction services. We offer our services in a timely manner.

As an organization, we understand that building a luxurious or quality home requires the use of sophisticated machinery, whose effective application is subject to expertise. Note that millennials and young adults tend to purchase land in the less developed or developing regions because they are yet to accumulate enough wealth to afford real estate assets in cosmopolitan cities like New York, Manhattan, London, and others. That is to say that these lands are often characterized by the existence of bush and poor landscape. Fortunately, we can transform these plots into high quality real estate using the services of our heavy equipment operators.

Services Available

Primarily, we offer consulting services to all clients wishing to understand the land clearing process. We encourage potential clients to approach our organization so that we can connect them to experts with the technical know-how to guide them. The personnel may visit the location identified for land clearing to get and conduct thorough research to understand the landscape, weather, and other factors that are crucial to the decision-making process. As an organization, we strive to give our clients service that exceeds their expectations when it comes to transforming junk land into prime real estate asset. To attain this goal we offer four key services including structure demolition, property leveling, tree clearing, and creation of new roads.

Structure demolition

The first service entails structure demolition. Our heavy equipment operators earmark the first service as an undertaking comprising of demolishing old buildings, stables, sheds, and other structures in the land using bulldozers and wreckers. We provide large construction dumpsters and debris grates to ensure that the debris is disposed of properly. These include the rocks, trash, and fallen limbs. Our personnel liaises with the clients frequently to ensure that only permanent structures earmarked for demolition are targeted. The idea is to adhere strictly to job description provided by the client at the planning stage. Clients must approve any changes before the heavy equipment targets new structures.

Tree clearing

In addition, our heavy equipment operators offer tree clearing services, which requires a combination of expertise and the right equipment. We have advanced equipment to handle tree removal including the aerial bucket truck that our team uses to prune and remove trees seamlessly. Our tree chippers can chip tree logs and limbs of all sizes using the automated in-feed rollers. The mini skid steers are used to lift and move heavy branches from one location to another. Other tree clearing equipment in our possession include the grapple, hedge trimmers, stump grinders, tractors, and telescopic power pole saws. The use of stump grinders empowers our personnel to remove the primary root plate of a huge tree slump. These are moved or lifted using mini excavators.

Our TreeSafe unit is trained to handle removal of hazardous trees and preserve them using specialized heavy equipment. We frequently receive clients with complaints about the threat posed by trees to their property. These clients often worry about the removal processes because they do not wish to have their property damaged in the process. Could you be one of these clients? If so, don’t worry because our TreeSafe personnel are skilled to execute tree removal regardless of whether the positioning of the trees is precarious or not. They handle such operations using the 90’ tracked aerial lift and cranes.

Property leveling

Property leveling entails land clearing procedures that involve the removal of unwanted vegetation from the construction site. The process may also entail the removal of large rocks, roots, as well as other impediments. Expertise is vital during the property leveling process because different sites require different measures. Our heavy equipment operators can balance some sites by scraping away debris and the topsoil before introducing subgrade material for leveling. The key idea is to acquire the services of personnel with experience in soil geology. Bush clearing is a key activity that requires the use of brush machines. Our professional graders leveling the land to a flat level by plowing. Bulldozers and graders are the main equipment used in this process.

Creating new roads

Private and public entities hire us to handle the creation and construction of new roads. The type of equipment used in the process depends on the complexity or size of the project. For instance, clients that hire us for the construction of flyover and highway projects give us a platform to use huge excavators. Meanwhile, we use backhoe loaders as well as mini excavators when dealing with private clients requiring the construction of smaller roads. The operators use motor graders to create and maintain gravel roads. The same tools are applicable in the case of dirt roads. Other tools include road rollers, asphalt mixing plant, wheel loaders, and the forklift truck.

Code of Conduct

Our personnel operate under an organizational code of conduct whilst adhering to the local, state, and federal regulations to guarantee maximum safety for themselves and the clients. The heavy machinery operator must commit to overall safety while at the workplace by prioritizing precautions, care, and consideration of client instructions. The organization provides supervisors to inspect the work while in progress. The supervisor keeps the client and the organization updated to ensure that the personnel are working effectively. Equipment repairs are the sole responsibility of the organization. They are done in a timely manner to keep work schedule intact.

In conclusion, remember that clearing land can be a daunting activity if handled ineffectively. However, it is an achievable task if you hire experts like us. Our heavy equipment operators are experts with the technical skills to operate a wide range of contractor trucks and equipment used in repair, maintenance, and construction undertakings. They can also perform a wide variety of semiskilled tasks associated with storm drainage systems. Currently, our organization is retraining these personnel to handle skills regarding the maintenance of street light systems. TRY US today and you will never regret because we make reasonable accommodations to make your project a success.